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Successful companies stand out for a simple reason - they couple opportunities and actions more effectively and timeously than their competitors.

ProfileEver since the establishment of ACT in 1986, the founder, Harry Knepscheld, has adhered to this concept in pursuance of excellence.

ACT’s success rests amongst others on the concept of diversification as well as synergy. These two concepts are further supported because of a paradigm shift in their marketing approach in as much as “a share of client” rather than “a share of market” approach is followed.

Adding value to the basic commodity sets ACT apart from the “Box Movers” of the IT industry. The maturity of consumer expectations demand more than basic delivery. VAR’s dominate this market due to experience and a culture of service delivery. ACT is perfectly positioned and structured to provide customer aligned solutions.

Having developed from a multi-service IT company, providing diverse customer needs, in a broad horizontal market, to a strategically focussed service provider, ACT has the experience to assimilate the requirements and implications of a proposed system, in order to provide the optimum solution.

ACT has forged strategic alliances with major suppliers which negates the dependence on a shaky supply and demand of products.

The management team is highly skilled, well connected and competent to steer projects to a successful completion. Members of staff have been chosen for their special skills and talents to ensure that they can provide proper customer satisfaction.

ACT Computers is committed to its social responsibility in their area of operation. As such training and education has been an important part of ACT’s reinvestment of profits, which brought to bear the establishment of ACT Computer College during the late eighties. ACT has launched and integrated various programmes aimed at the upliftment of the previously disadvantaged communities. The transfer of skills and job creation amongst these communities is part of the mission of the company.

The purpose of the company is to best serve the interest of the customer in the provision of quality, technical service and the supply of superior IT solutions at a fair price and profit. In so doing, the company has been successful in achieving its further purpose of providing professional employment opportunities through the transference of skills, funded by growth, through sound management and business practices.

Several milestones have been achieved since the establishment in 1986. This being an abridged version, the highlights, will suffice.

Having been involved in the IT environment since 1982, their founder, Harry Knepscheld, identified specific needs which prompted him into the establishment of ACT, in Kroonstad. Having played a pioneering role, involvement into new market segments has formed an integral part of ACT’s successes to date.

ACT released the first version of the now renowned TSS accounting package, which was a forerunner of similar products like PASTEL and Brilliant Accounting. This underscores the fact that ACT has always been proactive in their approach.

A system to manage General Elections was developed and implemented across South Africa. A strategic partnership was established with Fujitsu ICL, who supplied the hardware for the Novell networking platform, which was installed on ICL Team Servers, to service the Agricultural Corporates as well as regional election centres.

ACT developed a software system for Milkrite SA to communicate with a feeder system from Holland, which created a locally developed alternative to the European option.

ACT introduced a trainee system, whereby a one-year contract was made available to successful candidates, during which period the trainee was educated as a programmer or technician, whilst earning a salary. At the end of this period full employment was offered. The system favoured new entrants into the job arena.

ACT Computer Academy came into being, with the prime objective of supplying opportunities to previously disadvantaged individuals, at an affordable rate. This impacted the community to the extent that Harry Knepscheld was officially invited to become part of a launch committee on the development of the rural farm worker in 1994. Another achievement was the selection of Harry Knepscheld as a trustee director of OFSACA trust, which ran several successful development projects till 1999.

ACT obtained sole distribution rights for COREX Notebook computers. A dedicated software development division now directed all its energies towards the multi user version of the TSS Accounting package, and computer based training software, aimed at the ACT Academy as well as for general distribution.

ACT introduced the ACT Maintenance agreement, which has since been the boon of many a corporate client, relieving them of unexpected down time on their IT equipment.

Internet became a reality and ACT became an ISP, in order to supply a Point of Presence to their customers.

The eminent demise of the Agricultural marketing control bodies necessitated a new software system to control contracted production and marketing of agricultural products. ACT developed a system which gave the entrepreneur full facilities to maintain and monitor these emerging market forces. Sales of this package have been highly successful. A division for Web page development and hosting was introduced.

POPs in centres throughout South Africa were established with great success. The Internet service spectrum was enlarged by the supply of digital links to major companies like VETSAK and NAMPO.

ACT became a provider of Diginet and a WAN service to SME’s, including Sedibeng Water Board, Lifestyle Communications, Moqhaka Local Municipality and several other corporate customers.

The focus of ACT has developed into the establishment and maintenance of WAN infrastructures on various platforms ranging from Windows Server to Linux and UNIX.

ACT acquired a VANS license which now enables the supply of broadband data services and VoIP (After February 2005).

ACT became the Technical Partner to Northcom Communication. Northcom is a black empowered telecommunications company that applied for the USAL License for the Fezile Dabi District (Northern Free State).

On the 6th of April we celebrated our 20th anniversary. ACT implemented a wide range of evaluation Wireless Broadband networks for the supply of carrier grade telephony & data services to the under serviced areas.

ICASA granted Northcom Communications the USAL License. ACT is to supply the core & access networks.

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