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Computer Based Training (CBT)

It's no secret that South Africa is facing a severe IT skills shortage. ACT alleviates the problem my offering a superior education solution focussing on Computer Based Training (CBT).

Computer Based Training (CBT)The irony of the present unemployment situation in South Africa is that, along with the joblessness, we are also experiencing a serious skills shortage.

There are a number of reasons for this, not least of which is the difficulty many people have in getting into the sorts of tertiary education and training programmes that can more or less guarantee employment at the end of the process.

Lack of access may be due to financial constraints, or the person may not meet the academic requirements of the course.

Having said that, ACT endeavors to reduce the skills gap by offering a fundamental Microsoft Office CBT course to address the dire skills shortage.

The Problem

Microsoft has developed brilliant software for office and home use. The problem is that most users are not proficient at utilising all the features these programmes have to offer, thus leading to a less than optimal use of the software. This problem is especially acute in business.

The problems for any organisation using the Microsoft suite of products (Introduction to Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, MS Project, Access and Excel) are:

  • Insufficient training opportunities.
  • New employees are often thrown into the deep end and end up only mastering the rudimentary basics of the software.
  • Long serving employees are often intimidated with new technology and don't want to show their ignorance; leading to them not using the system.
  • Upgrades of the system are exceedingly difficult to implement as the employees are resistant to change.
  • Support staff in IT has to reeducate employees on how to use certain functions.

The Solution

ACT offers a web-based, Intranet driven virtual helpdesk that allows organisations to train their employees in the various functions of operating software.

This system is more than a training system. Due to its easy accessibility via an Intranet, employees will use it as a help facility as well, providing training on the fly.

The system is fully interactive, with voice, read-text and animation. The users actually type in where they need to type, click where they need to click, and can see each and every step of the process in screen shots as if they were using the actual program.

The system covers all areas of the specified software that the client may require.

A new addition to the virtual helpdesk is the self evaluation module. This module allows users to evaluate their skill level on any particular software and identify the areas that they have difficulties in. Once identified, a database captures the info and reminds them where they need to improve.

The Advantage

ISETT SETAThe Microsoft Office CBT course that we offer is inline with ISETT SETA’s National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing curriculum, therefore after successful completion of this course, learners will be able to attend external examinations in order to obtain the specified certification. We can also assist with the facilitation of attending external examinations.

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