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Web Hosting

ACT offers a comprehensive web hosting service catering for various types of websites, whether its small brochure types or large dynamic database-driven websites, we cater for all.

Web HostingCorporate web applications, eCommerce transaction systems, corporate websites, networking equipment and streaming servers are all hosted in a fully managed, redundant and fault-tolerant environment, connected directly to a super-fast network.

ACT web hosting solutions enable the hosting or co-location of dedicated servers on any platform. Any combination of hardware, operating systems and services such as web servers, databases and business applications can be hosted in this environment.

By hosting an application at ACT, clients also have access to ACT's expert skills in support, data management, stats reporting, monitoring and security, allowing clients to have more time to concentrate on core business, saving on IT skills development costs and expensive IT infrastructure.

Web HostingWhether clients go with a shared server solution, or a dedicated solution, they can rest assured that their application is being housed in a state-of-the-art data centre that ensures the high availability, speed and security of their mission critical systems.

As a client's IT requirements grow, hosting becomes critical to where reliable and efficient distribution of information is vital. The costs of setting up network and server rooms on the Internet are high, and outsourcing hosting to a service provider makes more business sense, where economies of scale come into play.

We only acquire and lease the finest quality equipment to host all of our clients. We have teamed up with several data center facilities provide the best service available to our clients.

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